Law Enforcement Case Study

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Problem and Setting
PsyMetrics was engaged by a partner/distributor (Silverwood Associates) to be the assessment provider for a large scale validation study within a multi-location State Corrections Department. The Corrections Department was experiencing a high level of turnover within the Corrections Officer (CO) job category and was looking to implement an online pre-hire selection test as part of the client’s automated hiring process to increase retention.

Strategy PsyMetrics and Silverwood Associates commenced a Concurrent, Criterion- Referenced validation study. Although this specific study relates to Corrections Officer employees, the principles are applicable to all industries and job positions. The approach described in this instance reflects the industry best practices process taken by PsyMetrics in implementing pre-hire assessments; which, not only produces a more targeted product and better prediction, but also provides assurances of legal compliance with applicable regulations.

Competencies identified via a job analysis were matched to various scales from the PsyMetrics test library. Two hundred forty two Corrections Officers completed these PsyMetrics scales. Their supervisors then rated them on various important aspects of job performance identified in the job analysis. Statistical analyses were performed comparing test scores to these job performance ratings.

The results of the statistical analyses concluded that the PsyMetrics scales/content were statistically correlated with overall job performance. Two tests were created by combining these predictive scales. The two tests were comprised of the following scales: Test 1 (General CO Profile) – Flexibility, Social Awareness, Stress Management, Team Player, Self-Control, Interpersonal Skills, Can-Do Attitude, Open Mindedness, Assertiveness and Self-Confidence; Test 2 (CO Work Habits Profile) – Safety, Responsibility, Rules Compliance, Organization and Reliability. These tests were then incorporated into the CO selection process.

Conclusion Six months after integration of the 2 PsyMetrics assessments into the CO selection process, the Corrections Department reported turnover to be tracking at a 5% rate, compared to last year’s turnover rate of 92%. That equates to an 87% reduction in turnover after test implementation.

87% Reduction in Turnover