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Distribution Opportunities
PsyMetrics is looking for qualified distributors interested in
generating passive income.

Requirements for Becoming a PsyMetrics Distributor:

Valid corporation in good standing with a solid web presence.

Background in assessment implementation and use and/or background in Human Resources or Human Resources consulting. Degree or background in I/O Psychology, Sports Psychology or General Psychology is a plus.

If you would like more information on becoming a PsyMetrics distributor, please Contact Us.

Applicant Management or Talent Acquisition Companies
Looking to Integrate Assessment Solutions

Applicant Management or Talent Acquisition Companies are seeing a great increase on requests from prospects regarding pre-employment testing. ATS companies who do not have pre-hire assessments as part of their product and service offerings are placed at a disadvantage and would likely lose bids to those companies who have integrated assessment solutions into their ATS platforms. Given this push for the integration of assessment tools into ATS platforms, PsyMetrics has formed partnerships with some of the leading ATS and Talent Acquisition companies in the world and continues to search for additional partnership opportunities.

If you are an ATS or Talent Acquisition company interested in exploring how to increase your revenue potential and your competitive edge through the sale of private labeled assessments, give us a call. We offer the unique opportunity to deliver your "own" assessments offering you significant revenue potential.

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Test Publishers or Consulting Firms
Looking for Content Partners

In addition to the distribution channels mentioned above, PsyMetrics' testing content is also distributed through private label arrangements with some of the most well-known test publishing houses and consulting firms in the country. PsyMetrics' tests have undergone extensive validation and norming studies and therefore are "market ready."

PsyMetrics works closely with testing and consulting companies to select the best product mix for their clients. PsyMetrics also offers support with respect to client inquiries and requests for validation and/or norming studies.

If you are a test publisher or consulting organization interested in expanding your product offerings or finding out more about the benefits of partnering with PsyMetrics, we would love to hear from you.

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Organizations Looking for Assessment
Solutions and Integrations

If you are looking to implement a testing program within your organization or are looking to enhance your current selection process, PsyMetrics has the tools and resources to provide solutions that are most appropriate for you and your organization. As a content specialist, PsyMetrics will work with you to select the most fitting testing content and the best delivery format (e.g., online, video, phone). We also partner with a number of leading Applicant Tracking and Talent Acquisition companies who have our assessments already integrated. Therefore, if you are looking for a complete Applicant Management System, we can serve you as well. We can also help you incorporate our assessments into your current system.

In addition, at the customer's request, PsyMetrics' in-house I/O Psychologists have the expertise to conduct validation studies in accordance with the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (Federal testing guidelines), helping set cut scores or benchmarks as well as conducting adverse impact studies ensuring your testing program continues to be valid and fair.

If you are interested in exploring how PsyMetrics can help you
enhance the quality of your hires, we invite you to

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PsyMetrics partners with leading
Assessment Vendors, ATS Companies and
Consulting Firms. We'd love to partner with you.

Domestic Partners

Eagle Mountain, UT
Marietta, GA
Fort Myers, FL
Omaha, NE
Wadsworth, Ohio
Pompano Beach, FL
Canton, OH
Davenport, IA
Carmel, IN
New York, NY
Austin, Texas
Alpharetta, GA

International Partners

Cape Town, South Africa
Brisbane , Australia
Bangalore, India
London, UK
San Mateo, CA
Toronto, Canada
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