Candidate Score Report

The PsyMetrics Elite Profiling System
(EPS) assessment platform

Key EPS Candidate
Score Report features

Percentile Score

Test scores are based on percentiles so you can see how candidate’s score relative to each other.

Star Profile Benchmarking

Identify your ideal score ranges and get notified when candidates fall within that benchmark.

Expected Behaviors

Behaviors the candidate will be expected to engage in are presented based on the candidate’s test scores.

Management Strategies

Strategies to manage or develop the candidate are presented based on their test performance.

Interview Questions

Follow-up interview questions are offered for those areas where the candidate scored poorly on the test.

Other Key EPS Features

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Build your own

assessment functionality to ensure you only test for those skills and attributes that meet your company’s needs.

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Star Profile functionality

that allows you to create specific benchmarks for each test title in your library.

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Innovative analytics

that provide a clear picture of which test candidates rise above the rest.

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