The PsyMetrics Elite Profiling System (EPS)
assessment platform offers innovative analytics
using the latest data presentation and visualization graphics

This allows for a clear view of how test candidates compare to each other and
allows for a wide range of reporting options

Key EPS Reports Include

Ranking Report

Rank candidates based on specific tests or
test sections.


Compare specific characteristics across candidates.

Compatibility Report

Determine a candidate’s level of compatibility with team members or supervisors on selected skills or personality characteristics.

Score Summary Report

Generate Excel spreadsheets that summarize all candidate scores and demographics, for internal analysis or EEOC reporting.

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Other Key EPS Features

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Build your own

assessment functionality to ensure you only test for those skills and attributes that meet your company’s needs.

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Star Profile functionality

that allows you to create specific benchmarks for each test title in your library.

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Informative score reports

that include expected job behaviors, strategies to manage the candidate and follow-up interview questions.

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ID Verification

allows organizations to verify the identity of remote test takers.

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