Star Profile

The PsyMetrics Elite Profiling System
offers the proprietary “Star Profile” feature

The Star Profile feature allows for the quick identification of those
test candidates who match your desired score range.

For example, if it is determined that individuals who score between the 70th and 90th percentiles on the PsyMetrics assessments are the most desired candidates, the PsyMetrics system will now identify the degree to which the candidate matches the ideal profile. You can set the degree of match (Percent Match) you would like to see in your candidates (e.g., 90%, 80%, 75% match) and the system will automatically identify those candidates who match the ideal profile within that set percentage. This feature is best for differentiating between candidates who have multiple scale scores, and all seem to fit the ideal profile.


Other Key EPS Features

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Build your own

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Informative score reports

that offer candidate comparisons, expected job behaviors, strategies to manage the candidate and follow-up interview questions based on how they answered specific test questions.

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Innovative analytics

that provide a clear picture of which test candidates rise above the rest.

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