Customer Service Case Study

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Problem and Setting
A Fortune 100 health insurance company was experiencing poor quality hires based on their existing screening process which included interviews, background checks and an unnamed vendor’s assessment. The company wanted to explore other assessment options as they were concerned the existing test battery was not differentiating poor from top performers. The company contracted PsyMetrics to develop a test battery to help them reduce the number of unsatisfactory hires.

After conducting a thorough job analysis, PsyMetrics identified assessment content within its catalog that matched the important competencies identified by this job analysis. Various PsyMetrics tests were administered to 198 CSRs. The supervisors of these CSRs were then asked to rate them on various aspects of job performance. Statistical analyses were then performed comparing test scores with the job performance ratings.

The results of the statistical analyses concluded that the PsyMetrics SJT - Service assessment and the Math Skills Test, in combination, were highly predictive of overall CSR job performance. By implementing a cut score that would screen out 25% of applicants, the healthcare organization would reduce the percentage of unsatisfactory performers by 32% without causing adverse impact.

32% Reduction in Unsatisfactory Performers