Drivers Safety Case Study

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Problem and Setting
Our client was experiencing a very detrimental situation with their fleet of drivers. Many accidents where negatively affecting the profits of the company, their safety record and nonetheless, the community. They reached out to our company so we could help them identify the problem and propose a solution that would reduce the total number of accidents.

We proceeded to assess all their drivers and after analyzing the data the results showed that more than half of their drivers scored low on the PsyMetrics Safety Attitudes Scale. The results on the Rules Compliance and Reliability Scales showed that the vast majority of the drivers scored in the Caution zone. Trustworthiness and Responsibility Scales were also related to poor driver performance. We found a very strong correlation between the PsyMetrics assessments results and the performance of the drivers. So we proceeded to implement an assessment that included these five scales into their selection process. Below are the charts that show the correlation between the assessments results and the drivers’ performance.

After a 12 months of implementing the Assessments, the Accident Rate was reduced by an impressive 80%

80% Accident Reduction