If the job calls for someone who can change duties easily on a regular basis, you need someone who is adaptable to change. If the job requires someone to be innovative and develop new ideas, you would want a creative, open-minded person. If the work group is in need of a strong leader, you should seek an applicant who is self-confident, achievement driven, assertive and is high on interpersonal skills. Achieving the Perfect Fit between Employee and Work Group is Directly Related to Personality Assessment.

Research conducted by The McKinsey Global Institute finds that productivity improves by 20-25% in organizations with connected employees. Therefore, matching the right personality to the right position or work group is critical to the success of your company

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PsyMetrics' Elite Profiling System offers the following
pre-configured personality assessments:

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Elite Adaptability Profile

Assess the individual’s ability to adapt to changing situations.

Elite Character Profile

Determine the individual’s ability to be conscientious, trustworthy and assess their attitudes on illegal drug use.

Elite Personality Profile

Measure a wide variety of work-related personality characteristics.

Elite Innovation Profile

Identify those who possess creativity and are open minded.

Positive Attitude Profile

Select those with a can-do disposition.

Elite Grit Profile

Hire applicants with perseverance and a passion for achieving long term goals.

OCEAN Profile

Measure the Big-Five personality dimensions.

EQ Profile

Identify those who will demonstrate high emotional intelligence.

Quick Screen

Screen applicants based on intellect, drive and work ethic.

Elite Integrity Profile

Measure an individual’s level of responsibility, rules compliance, trustworthiness and non-violent attitudes.

C5 Elite Business Profile

Identify individuals who possess mental toughness.

C5 Elite Athlete Profile

Select athletes who have the 5 characteristics associated with athletic success.

Remote Worker Profile

Determine if the candidate is suited to work remotely.


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