Sales & Service

Building strong customer relationships is as important in today's business world as it has ever been. Taking proper care of customers requires your employees to be customer focused and have a helping disposition. Your service or sales representatives must also have strong selling skills; that is, the power to persuade and convert prospects into customers and to effectively cross-sell your company's products and services.

PsyMetrics’ Elite Profiling System offers a wide range of options
for assessing strong customer service and sales ability.

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Elite Care Profile

Select candidates who treat your customers with care and respect.

Elite Service Profile

Identify candidates who have a helping disposition and are team players.

Elite Sales Profile

Select individuals who will contribute to the growth of your business.

Sales Hunter Profile

Identify those individuals who possess a sales hunter mentality.

Situational Judgment Test ( SJT) - Sales

Hire top performing sales professionals.

Situational Judgment Test (SJT) - Service

Select candidates who will build long lasting customer relationships.

Elite Call Center – Service Profile

Identify candidates who exhibit high levels of service and listening disposition in a call center environment.

Elite Call Center – Sales Profile

This test is ideal for call center environments whose main focus is selling products or services.


Build Your Own tests using PsyMetrics Pre-validated Scales