Test Overview

The Elite Service Profile is a general indicator of the individual's ability to engage in service-oriented behaviors as defined by the scales in this battery. This battery is appropriate for all jobs that require service-related interaction with prospects and/or customers.

Measures the Following:

Helping Disposition

The degree to which an individual is friendly and is likely to go out of his or her way to assist or help customers and/or co-workers. This characteristic is important for most, if not all, jobs.


The degree to which the individual is likely to be able to adapt to change and is more open minded than stubborn. This characteristic is important for fast paced jobs where priorities often shift. It is also important for organizations that are in transition or are expecting changes that will affect work duties and responsibilities.

Stress Management

The degree to which the individual is likely to demonstrate patience and stress tolerance during challenging work-related situations. This characteristic is appropriate for jobs requiring interactions with customers, multitasking and jobs in fast paced organizations.

Team Player

The degree to which the individual is likely to cooperate in all aspects of their work relationships including working in harmony with others to achieve a common goal. This characteristic is important for jobs requiring interaction and cooperation among coworkers.

Test Preview

Test Details

  • 65 questions
  • Untimed(Approximately 15 min.)
  • Expected Behaviors
  • Follow-up Interview Questions
  • Online Administration
  • Immediate Score Report
  • Management Suggestions