Test Overview

The Situational Judgment Test (SJT) - Service consists of attitudinal, behavioral and situational questions aimed at assessing the candidate's ability to problem solve and use appropriate judgment while performing in a service function. The test was developed to assist organizations in identifying those individuals who have a strong service orientation, meaning individuals who possess and demonstrate those skills necessary for providing excellent service.

Measures the Following:


The degree to which the candidate thinks things through, is organized and reliable. The degree to which they are able to make decisions based on careful thought rather than impulse.

Interpersonal Skills

The degree to which the individual is friendly, people-oriented and exhibits excellent interpersonal skills. This characteristic is important for all jobs that involve interacting with customers.

Listening Skills

The degree to which the candidate focuses on the needs of the customer during interactions. The degree to which they listen carefully to the individual's needs and attempts to fulfill those needs.


The degree to which the candidate is customer focused and is likely to go out of their way to help the customer. The ability to remain service-oriented even during difficult customer situations.

Test Preview

Test Details

  • 35 questions
  • Untimed (Approximately 25-30 min.)
  • Expected Behaviors
  • Follow-up Interview Questions
  • Online Administration
  • Immediate Score Report
  • Management Suggestions