The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that from 2018-2028 healthcare occupations are expected to grow by 14%. The growth of the healthcare industry will be larger, on average, than all other occupations. These figures translate to an estimated 1.9 million new jobs.

Given these growth rates and the importance of the industry, healthcare organizations need to make sure they screen for individuals who possess a high degree of service skills, and who can apply those skills consistently and under pressure.

PsyMetrics’ Elite Profiling System offers the
following options for use within the healthcare environment:

(e.g., doctor and dental offices, administrative healthcare staff, hospitals, nurses, aides,
technicians, as well as, home healthcare personnel)

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Elite Care Profile

Assess a wide range of characteristics crucial for any healthcare environment.

Elite Healthcare Profile

Measure the 4 key healthcare personality dimensions.


Build Your Own tests using PsyMetrics Pre-validated Scales