Quickly screen candidates on 3 critical attributes.

Workplace Aptitude Test

Quick Screen

Sometimes your candidate selection process needs to be streamlined. And you only have a few minutes to assess job applicants. PsyMetrics' Quick Screen was specifically developed for these situations. Utilizing proven test content, Quick Screen assesses your candidates on 3 critical job attributes in less than 10 minutes. If further screening is needed later in the application process, additional PsyMetrics' assessments can be administered for further insight.

The 3 critical attributes assessed by Quick Screen are:


The degree to which the individual is likely to reason logically, problem solves efficiently and learns quickly.


The degree to which the individual is likely to be ambitious and driven to be the best.

Work Ethic

The degree to which the individual is likely to be hardworking, reliable and dedicated.


Quick Screen Predicts:

  • Problem Solving Ability
  • Reasoning Skills
  • Achievement Drive
  • Hard Working Attitude
  • Dependability
  • Overall Job Performance


This test is ideal for situations when a quick assessment is needed to screen out candidates who don't have the smarts, drive or dedication to do the job.

Test Details
  • 50 Questions
  • Approximately 10 minutes
  • Follow-up interview questions
  • Reliability check
  • Online administration
  • Immediate score report
  • Management Suggestions

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